Manufacturer and Exporter of Indian Raw Virgin Human Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions, Tape-in Extensions, Hair wigs, Hair Closures, Hair Frontals, temple hairs, bulk human hairs

As they say "Invest in your hair, It's the crown you never take off”...

Women around the world love to dress well and stay in tune with the new trends in fashion. Maintaining different kinds of perfect hairstyles is seen as an integral part of looking good and being confident. Women do want to experiment with their looks by using different hairstyles and hair makeup.

It is not always easy though and many women often find it difficult to maintain their own natural hair either due to lack of time, paucity of resources or sometimes even awareness. Some women have an even bigger problem. They simply don't have the hair to try and choose different hairstyles! They require customised products and feasible solutions for their hair problems.

Cadenza Hair India is fulfilling these vanity needs of women by providing improvised, high quality and value-for-money human hair extension products.

Cadenza Hair India has emerged as a renowned name in manufacturing and supply of premium quality human hair extensions and wigs in the International Market.

Established in the year 2015, Cadenza Hair is setting new benchmarks in the field of Human Hair Extensions. Cadenza Hair specializes in Human Hair Extensions and Hair Wigs.

Since its inception, Cadenza Hair India has built up a robust production system and manufacturing facilities and has put the Indian Human Hair Industries in International Arena and made it known for high-quality finished hair extensions, as the Human Hair industry in India was earlier known for the supply of human hairs in raw form which were then used as raw material by international companies for producing Hair Extension Products.

We are committed to making stylish, economical and tailor-made products for consumers of hair extensions, hairstyles, hair fashion and innovative hair concepts. We believe in honest and transparent business with our customers while giving them high-quality hair extensions.

We aim to provide PEACE OF MIND to our customers while we take care of providing consistent quality to them.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being conscious of strengthening the position of women in Indian society, Cadenza Hair is training and educating them to make human hair extensions & wigs. By welcoming women into our team and recruiting them to the maximum extent, our company aims to make them financially independent and skilled professionals so that they can train other women in society as well.

Quality Standards